1.0 Behaviors

1.1 - Harassing and Killing New Players

Killing and harassing new players is strictly against the rules. We consider new players to be people who have a playtime of only twenty-four hours and have only just started. You can check if someone is new with: /res (playerName). 

1.2 - Stealing and raiding players/towns/nations

Stealing from and raiding other players is allowed. Stealing from other residents in your town is frowned upon, but up to mayors to decide punishments for that. Mayors may not participate in stealing from residents.

 1.3 - Griefing

Traditional Griefing is not allowed. You may break & enter through builds/bases to enter them, but you may not entirely destroy them. See more in Section 3.1

 1.4 - Chat Behaviors.

Spamming, sending messages that disrupt the flow of chat, or excessive raging, cursing and racism. If you want to be toxic with your chat, don't do it on any ConquerEarthMC Service or related discords

 1.5 - Unwanted Behaviors.

These behaviors are not allowed on the server:

 - Explicit forms of bullying

 - Encouraging self-harm

 - Repetitive use of racist and/or derogatory terms.

 - Inciting violence, explicit forms of racial basis, hate speech against racial/social minorities.

 - Explicit talk about sex, drugs, alcohol and other topics

 1.6 - Personal Information.

Sharing personal information, such as the identities of others, that would be otherwise private, without their explicit permission is strictly forbidden. Personal information includes, but not limited to; photos of players (irl), phone numbers, home addresses, social networks, school location, work location, family relations, ip addresses and geological location.

 1.7 - Link Sharing

You can share links in whispers and town chats. You can only share server related links in general chat. Links must also be respectful to our server rules. 


No linking to sexual, violent, disturbing content is allowed.

 1.8 - Advertising.

Advertising is not allowed on the server. Promoting your town or nation is fine.

 1.9 - Selling content/services for real money.

You are not allowed to sell in-game items or services for real life money.

2.0 Cheating, exploiting, alternative accounts, limitations 

 2.1 - Benefitting

Players knowingly benefitting from another player's exploitation or rules, exploits, glitches or hacks; will be punished equally.

 2.2 - Technical errors and server exploits

Players are not allowed to take advantage of server bugs, exploits, or other technical oversights.

 2.3 - Game Glitches

Players are not allowed to take advantage of game bugs, exploits, such as duping or block-glitching.

 2.4 - Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts, otherwise known as "alts", are not allowed. You are entitled to one account per player. Alternative accounts will be suspended, and your main account will be temporarily banned if you are found breaking this rule deliberately.

 2.5 - Cheat clients and game changing modifications.

Cheat clients, macro keying and other modifications that give you a technical/gameplay advantage over another player are not allowed. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be issued a 48hr ban, followed after a permanent.

 These rules to not apply to:

 - OptFine/Performance improvement mods.

-  Badlion/Lunar

 - Litematica.

 - Armor/Effect Status HUD mods.

 - Minimap Mods.

 2.6 - Intentional Lag/disruption of ConquerEarthMC Services.

Intentionally causing harm to our services through DDOS, Spamming, raiding or other illegal exploitive methods is not allowed. All illegal access will be logged in detail and reported.

3.0 Griefing

3.1 - Lava Casting/Use of Lava/Water

Griefing with the use of Lava, water or lava casts is not allowed. All griefs will be rolled back and you'll be temporarily suspended

 3.2 - Stealing Specifics

Stealing specific blocks/items for their value is not griefing and allowed. This does not apply to easily acquired items that would be considered valuable to you.

 3.3 - Major terraforming

Preserving the accuracy of real-world geography, major terraforming of the natural terrain is not allowed. You can terraform land within the borders of the ocean/rivers, but terraforming beyond them changes the resemblance and accuracy. Do not drain large lakes or rivers, create artificial islands or cover the ocean with platforms (ships are okay).

3.4 - Mass killing of peaceful mobs in someone elses claims

Mass killing of peaceful mobs in someone else's claims is not allowed,i.e., Villagers, Pigs, Cows, Chicken, etc. You can of course kill whatever you want in your own claims.

4.0 Combat/PVP

 4.1 - Engaging in Combat

 After you have defeated someone in combat, do not engage in combat with them again unless they engage with you, steal the loot you obtained. It is best to loot and walk away after.

 4.2 - Claiming Hopping

You are not allowed to run in and out of claims to gain an invincible advantage over others. It is good practice to enable PVP for your whole town during sieges so as not to violate this rule.

4.3 - Spawn Camping

Do not repetitively kill someone after they have spawned in. (See Rule 4.1). Do not wait outside of their base after you have already killed them. Do not use /sethome to teleport back to their lands.

4.4 - Teleport Killing

When offering a teleport to another player or accepting a teleport it is against the rules to immediately pvp the sender or receiver (Groups of both parties included where applicable). If a party wishes to pvp the person teleported they must wait a minute from when the receiver/sender initially accepted the teleport.

5.0 Naming Conventions 

5.1 - Town Names

When creating a town, make sure your name complies with naming rules. Names can be changed by staff members if they're not following the rules. 

 - Fictional town names are allowed. 

 - Town names cannot be inappropriate, offensive or toxic. 

 - Towns cannot have similar names to already established towns, where one could easily be confused with another.

5.2 - Nation Names.

When creating a Nation, make sure your name complies with naming rules. Names can be changed by staff members if they're not following the rules. 

 - Fictional Nation names are allowed. 

 - Nation names cannot be inappropriate, offensive or toxic. 

 - Nations cannot have similar names to already established Nations/Towns, where one could easily be confused with another. 

5.3 - Accounts

Minecraft Usernames, Nicknames, Player Skins, Towny Titles may not be explicit, sexual, racist or inappropriate. You may not also change your name to match the similar username of another person on the server.

6.0 Reporting and Mod Communication Guidelines 

6.1 - Adjudication Authority of Staff Members

Staff members serve as the ultimate authority in matters of rule enforcement. They are not bound by predetermined standards for administering punishments. Their decisions are final. Staff members act as both the adjudicator, determining guilt or innocence, and the arbiter, assigning appropriate sanctions. They are not confined by forum regulations and may exercise discretion in disciplining or abstaining from disciplining individuals, based on any rationale they deem justifiable.

6.2 - Consideration of Context

In evaluating player reports, we place significant emphasis on contextual analysis. The act of rule infringement is examined within the broader framework of the entire incident. If your own actions contribute to a perception of the reported player's behavior as more reasonable or understandable, it may impact the severity of their penalty or result in no penalty at all. Contextual nuances are paramount.

6.3 - Conduct in Reporting and Interactions with Staff

It is imperative that you exhibit respect towards Staff members. Derogatory language, insults, and arguments are strictly discouraged. While Staff members do not assert an air of superiority, we do expect your deference, particularly in a report. Cooperation and respect towards staff are prerequisites. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in the dismissal of your report, and in severe cases, potential repercussions for you. Display maturity in all interactions.

6.4 - Efficient Utilization of Staff Resources

Staff members are committed to assisting you, provided that your intentions are genuine. Clarity, decisiveness, and adherence to the aforementioned guidelines are indispensable. However, we do not entertain prolonged grievances or disputes concerning other players. Persistent misuse of our time, following a warning, may lead to the dismissal of your report, with potential consequences for you.

6.5 - Prohibition of Entrapment

Instances of provoking others to breach rules, or orchestrating scenarios for reporting purposes, are expressly prohibited. For instance, deliberately creating situations where a rule is violated may result in penalties equivalent to a rule infraction. This practice of resorting to reporting as a means of resolving conflicts rather than engaging in authentic gameplay is viewed with significant disapproval by staff. Context is pivotal in this assessment, and inciting breaches within a specific context is not exempt from scrutiny.

6.6 - Discouragement of Spam Reporting

Refrain from inundating us with multiple reports regarding the same player. If a fellow player or town member has already filed a report, duplicating it is unnecessary. Once a decision has been reached and your ticket closed, please refrain from submitting additional reports on the same matter.

6.7 - Discretion Regarding Discussions on Punishments, Reports, or Rule Violations

Engaging in discussions about punishments, reports, or rule violations with an intention to spread gossip or create an atmosphere of controversy is strictly prohibited. We are committed to fostering a healthy and constructive environment free from toxic exchanges and unfounded allegations.