The ideal geopolitical Towny-Earth Minecraft server (16+)

A strong server history with war and politics. Join a dedicated tight-knit community of like-minded mature players with interests in history, geography, politics, and war. Come role play as the leader of a historically notable nation. You can chill with friends, play survival, or experience all of the rich custom features ConquerEarth has to offer.

ConquerEarth is a geopolitical Towny-Earth server hosted on 1:1500 scale replica Earth maps.

Towns, Nations, Gods, Siegewar, Forced PVP/Explosions Timer, Gold Eco, Jobs, Quests, Chest Shops, Markets, MCMMO, Meteors, Brewing, Big Doors, Security Cameras, LWC (Chest Lock), Image Maps, and much more...

Original Map (native 1.19.4)

+Modern Era

+Compatible on any version


+Custom Resource Pack

+Custom Guns

+Custom Items

+Custom Mobs

-Not Bedrock (MCPE) Comptaible!

-End Dimension Disabled

Orion Map (native 1.20.4)

+Pre-modern Era

+Compatible on any version

+Bedrock (MCPE) Compatible!

+Vanilla Combat

+End Dimension Enabled

+Elytra (unusable in combat)

+More Builder Friendly

-No Vehicles

-No Custom Resource Pack

-No Custom Resources

-No Custom Guns

-No Custom Items

-No Custom Mobs

Server IP:

Bedrock Port: 19132



Original's Map:
Orion's Map:

 Server IP:
Bedrock Port: 19132 


ConquerEarthMC utilizes a 1:1500 scale replica map of planet Earth. This map can be viewed on our interactive Dynamic Map webpage. 

Towny & War

Begin with your town, claim your nation, and expand your throne, utilizing the classic Towny Advanced and Siegwar plugins. Discover Towny and Siegwar mechanics and commands on their respected wikis and our discord.

Guns & Custom Weapons

Amplify role-play and war with our custom guns, achieved by Darius's signature gun resource pack. Experience a new style of PVP and war with ballistic military combat. Sustained vanilla combat's viability and use through active balancing. 


Sticking to the theme of a custom Minecraft experience, we have included vehicles such as Helicopters, Planes, and Trains. These vehicles are achieved, again, without the use of mods. They do not even require the servers resource pack as they are made of in-game textures and models.

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