Conquer Optimizations - Fabric Modpack

Step 1. Download the Prism Launcher

The Prism Launcher is a safe and reliable custom Minecraft launcher for managing different clients and mod-loaders. Follow the link below to download the Prism Launcher:

Step 2. Install Java

To run Minecraft from the Prism Launcher you will need to download Java. ConquerEarth and its Conquer Optimizatios Pack are on Minecraft version 1.19.4 which requires Java version 17. Although Developer Von uses Graalvm Java17, we will link the Java distribution recommended by the Prism Launcher team, Adoption Java17.
For Windows x64, click on the blue JRE button under installers. This will download the .msi intaller. Run the installer until the process is complete

Step 3. Sign into your Mojang/Microsoft account for Minecraft

Open and run the Prism Launcher. In the top right, click on the drop down for the account select; click on 'manage accounts.' A new account management window will open. In this window click Add Microsoft account in the right corner and follow the steps to adding your Microsoft account. Once added, tick the box next to your account and click 'Set Default.' Keep this window open and continue to the next step.

Step 4. Selecting Java path and configuring memory allocation

In the same 'Settings' window as before, click on 'Java' shown on the right hand side. This is where we will select your Java path that was previously downloaded. First, you can simply click 'Auto-detect' towards the bottom. This will attempt to scan your program files for the Java path. If this does not fill the box next to 'Java path:' you must instead manually select the path. To do this, press the 3 dot (...) button next to the Java path box. Now find your JVM directory, usually installed to `C:/Program Files`, enter the bin folder, and finally select the executable (.exe) named 'javaw.exe.'

Once the Java path box is filled and pointed to your javaw.exe, you can allocate memory. We recommend leaving the 'PermGen:' field default and moving to the Minimum and Maximum memory fields. The fields are shown in mebibytes (Mib). You will keep the Minimum and Maximum values identical to eachother. Although the standard minimal recommendation is 2 GB which is 1907 MiB, we recommend a minimal of at least 3815 Mib (4 GB). For quality performance, with a mid-range gaming PC, the sweet spot is 4769 - 5722 Mib (5 - 6GB). If you have a 16 GB or more PC, try 7629 Mib (8GB). 

Step 5. Downloading the Conquer Optimizations Fabric Modpack and adding the instance.
Download our carefully crafted performance modpack, customized for optimal in-game performance to achieve the best and most stable FPS count. The zip file can be download here:

To import the zip file as an instance, press the 'Add Instance' button in the top right of the Prism Launcher. On the left-hand side, click 'Import from zip.' In the new tab, click the 'Browse' button next to the path field box. Now select the Conquer file you downloaded from the provided link.

Finally, press 'ok' at the bottom. Select your new instance and click 'Launch.' on the right. Now you are playing a newly optimized version of 1.19.4; Join in the server select list and enjoy your new performance gains!

Although this modpack focuses on performance optimizations, it includes alternatives to beloved Optifine features such as zoom, capes, shaders, and connected-textures for resource packs.